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Standard Colors for
 Ink Printed Seals

Available Stocks

Available Stocks for Ink Printed Seals

Standard Inks

PMS 165, PMS 185, PMS 290, PMS 254, Black, 
Warm Red, Rubine Red, Violet, PMS 368, White,
PMS 123, PMS 185, Process Blue, PMS 349, Cool Grey 2,
Yellow, PMS 182, Reflex Blue, PMS 321, PMS 430,
PMS 9160, PMS 477, PMS 300, PMS 877, PMS 873

 Additional Inks: $50 per ink
(up to 6 inks can be used, 1st ink already included in price)

Custom PMS Inks:
Custom PMS inks available for $37 per color

Available Inks for Ink Printed Seals

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